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Make your house a home with this all-in-one home management hub

Make your house a home with this all-in-one home management hub. With this Notion dashboard, you can have all your home details in one place. This template includes…

  1. Documentation — Document your home info from wi-fi to lease and insurance details
  2. Phonebook — Keep track of contact info for building managers and service providers
  3. Household To-Do List — Weekly and monthly household tasks. Button to repopulate each week or month
    1. Fill in each item's use, time of use, price, link to purchase, and notes
    2. View your regime inventory in many formats
  4. Cleaning
    1. To-Do List — Chores listed per room
    2. Supply Inventory — List of supplies, links, and prices for easy restocks
  5. Exclusive Tips & Tricks — Enjoy added household tips and tricks; add your own valued hacks
  6. Expense Tracking — Budget and track your utilities, insurances, and grocery spendings; automatically sum monthly and yearly costs
  7. Food
    1. Grocery Inventory — List of grocery items per food group for each restocks
    2. Meal Repository — Visualize your frequent meals from appetizers to desserts
    3. Recipe Book — Document all of your recipes
    4. Grocery Tracking — Track your grocery spending each trip
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Last updated Jul 27, 2023

You'll get a link to this Notion template that you can duplicate into your personal Notion. You'll get instructions as well to help you fill in your content.

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Home: Notion Template

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