Beauty Regime: Notion Template

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Document your beauty regime from routine and inventory to product reviews

Is your beauty regime as hard to conceptualize as mine? Have you tried many beauty/body products and forget which ones work? With this Notion dashboard, you can have all your beauty regime details in one place. Use this Notion template to...

  1. Goals — Clarify your beauty regime vision goals
  2. Routine — List your morning and night body and face routine - your makeup routine too
  3. Regime Inventory — Inventory the items you frequently use in your regime
    1. Fill in each item's use, time of use, price, link to purchase, and notes
    2. View your regime inventory in many formats
  4. Wishlist — List items that you want to try in the future in your wishlist
  5. Product Review — Document all the products that you've ever tried before
    1. Review and rate each item
    2. View your products by review, rate, and use


  • Is this Notion template customizable?
    Yes! Once you purchase and duplicate this template for your personal Notion, it is yours to change up and expand upon.
  • How do I use this template?
    Once you purchase and duplicate this template for your personal Notion, there are instructions on how to fill in your details.
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Last updated May 31, 2023

You'll get a link to this Notion template that you can duplicate into your personal Notion. You'll get instructions as well to help you fill in your content.


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Beauty Regime: Notion Template

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